It really is almost here this time!

I received a phone call from my publisher yesterday. She said she was holding a copy of my book in her hand. It really is almost here! She’s going to send me some copies. I can’t wait to see it!

I told my publisher about the problems some of you have been having ordering the book. She assured me that the books will be shipped out right away. One of the problems I’ve heard about is that Amazon listed the book as ‘ships in 6 to 8 weeks’. What’s up with that? Was the book taking a side trip around the world first? No, she assured me. It’s an Amazon thing and it will be changing to ‘ships in 2-3 days’ very soon.  Other friends have been looking for the book in bookstores. If, in the future, you can’t find it at a bookstore–don’t hesitate to ask them to order it for you!


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