Old Friends

During the past few weeks I’ve bumped into two old friends whom I haven’t seen in twenty-plus years (Yes, that’s you Kenalyn and Tatia). It took me back in my mind to my ‘pit’ days in high school and junior high. Tatia had the lead in several junior high productions and Kenalyn was another friend of mine who–like my character, Amanda–was a perpetual ‘male magnet’. I just seemed to surround myself with them! It was really fun to see how great they turned out. And, although I didn’t have much time to talk to either of them–I do remember out friendships and hope we can stay in contact with each other.

Even if you have a friend who bugs the heck out of you sometimes–as Amanda does to Brittany in the book–(unless they are truely destructive and unhealthy) treasure those friendships! They will stick with you and mean a lot to you throughout your life!


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