The King’s English Launch Party

Last Saturday I spent a couple of hours at a delightful bookstore in Salt Lake City called the King’s English Bookshop. Eight other authors and I celebrated the release of our books. We had a nice turnout. The store had a nice set up for the authors on the back patio–where we worried about rain and adjusted tarps to keep the sun out of our eyes. For the most part the weather cooperated and it was very pleasant. At one point I complained to Sydney Salter–whom I shared a signing table with–that none of my Salt Lake relatives showed up. I found out later that some of them did! My aunt and uncle told my mom that they came–and even bought my book–but they couldn’t find me there. I don’t know if they never made it out onto the patio or if they showed up in those few moments when I slipped away to use the restroom. :o


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