Mr. Jolley’s Class is the Best!

I just returned from my first classroom presentation connected with The Limit. One of my sons is currently in sixth grade, so his class made perfect guinea pigs for me to practice on. They were great! I’m so happy with the way the presentation went. I let the teacher, Mr. Jolley, borrow one of my two precious galleys and he’s been reading it to the class over the past month or two. I was a little nervous going in–this is a HUGE class. My son told me I didn’t have anything to worry about. “Every single person in that class loves The Limit,” he told me. They gave me a big round of applause as soon as I walked into the classroom. That gave me all the confidence I needed. Every person in that class was attentive and responsive. They listened and participated. I didn’t have to tell them to be quiet or settle down. I didn’t have to raise my voice at all. It was awesome!

Thanks, Mr. Jolley and every member of that class, for letting me practice on you and for being such a great audience!

(I’ll post a picture as soon as we receive parental permission.)


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