New Cover for The Limit

A few days ago, as I was coming up from the basement after my morning workout, my husband said to me, “Have you looked at your website lately?” I told him I’d posted a new blog entry the night before. He said, “Go look at your website.” I was a little worried. What could possibly be wrong with my website? I pulled it up and there, on the home page, next to my author’s photo was the cover for The Limit–but not the cover I was expecting.

It turns out my editor had sent the new cover over that morning, and my husband put it up on the website. (He’s so amazing.) I hadn’t had any inkling this was even in the works. I liked my first cover, bit I really like this new cover. In case you’re wondering, authors really don’t have much say in cover art. There are all sorts of people involved in the process. As an author, you just cross your fingers and pray for a great cover. I thihk I got one! If you haven’t seen it yet, go to the homepage of my website.


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