Oh, No! I won them all!

Last week I took my two daughters to a play–Once Upon a Mattress, which was really fun to watch. In the lobby, a table had been set up by some organization with a silent auction to raise money for–I don’t even know what. Before we went in to find our seats, I wandered over to the table and checked out the items. Except for one item, no one had bid on any of them. I figured, hey, I’ll start! I’ll bid up the price a bit, get this charity a little more money. I barely even looked at the items I bid on.

During intermission, I thought I’d better go down and check on the auction. That’s when I got nervous. No one else had bid. The auction was slated to end after intermission. I didn’t quite enjoy the second half of the play as much as I should have; my mind kept flitting back to that silent auction. Sure enough, when we went to check on the items at the end of the play, I’d won every item I bid on!

There was nothing I could do but pay up! I actually got some really good deals–but I won a lot of stuff that I have no idea what to do with. (I’m leaning towards gifts.) It was a good thing I had my two daughter’s with me. All three of us left the theater with our arms full!


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