Summer 2010 so far

Every week so far this summer I think, things will calm down now. I’ll have a nice relaxing week and have time to get a lot of work done.

Yeah. Right.

My weeks have been full of driving kids to camps, lessons and activities. We’ve had some house-guests, and we’ve also had a couple of fun family vacations. We went camping and hiking in some really cool places in south-east Utah that I’ve never been before. I live in an amazing state. One of the hikes was in a slot canyon–which was so narrow in places we had to walk sideways. Extremely cool, though. We spent this past weekend boating and beaching at Bear Lake–which straddles the Utah and Idaho boarder. The water is a bit chillier than I prefer, but it is the most gorgeous blue water you’ll see that’s not in the ocean.

A couple of weeks ago I had the unpleasant surprise of receiving notice that I’d been called up for jury duty. Ugh! The letter said to call in after 5:00 on Tuesday evening to see if I’d really have to go. A lot of time cases are postponed or settled and you don’t have to go in. (I know this because this is the third time I’ve been called in for jury duty in the 9-plus years I’ve lived in Utah. They say it’s a random selection, but I don’t believe it!) So on Tuesday at 5:05 I called in. There was a recorded message–but it was for the previous day! Nobody updated the message. By this time the office with real live people had closed for the day. Augh! I was so mad. I kept calling back all evening, hoping someone would realize they’d forgotten to update the message and would run back to the courthouse to do it. No luck. It wasn’t until 8:10 the next morning–five minutes before I would have to leave home to get there in time–that someone came into the office and picked up the phone. They told me yes, I did have to come in. At least my kids are old enough I could just leave them home without worrying about finding a babysitter. Every prospective juror had the same story to tell–and we were all pretty mad. They let us cool off by making us wait about an hour. Sheesh!

When I was given the randomly selected juror number of three, I knew I was in trouble. The lower the number, the greater chance you have of being chosen. I told #1 and #2 that we were in for it and–yep–we all got picked. The judge assured us this was an easy criminal case that should only take one day. Right. It lasted two full days, and we weren’t released until 2 AM after the second day. Let me note that we, the jury, only deliberated for one hour–and we had five counts to decide on. The lawers and judge needed to take a lesson from us on efficiency.

Overall, the experience was interesting. I’m glad I got to serve, but I would have been much happier if the case had only lasted that one day the judge promised.

So after all this busyness, I haven’t been able to do quite as much writing as I’d hoped I would by this point in the summer. I’ve done a decent amount, though, so I feel okay.

I’m making a goal to update my blog every week–especially as we draw near the publication date of THE LIMIT. I did get my Kirkus review–and it’s pretty good! Now that I’ve published this goal, life is going to hit me with a few surprises, I’m sure. But, hey, that’s what makes life interesting!


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