A Book For Every Kid – Recap

I think it has taken me all week to recover from the writing for charity event held last Saturday. Days like this are more emotionally and mentally draining for me than physically–but I absolutely love them! The daytime event was for writers. It started off with a panel featuring about twenty authors (including me). We then broke into smaller groups depending on genre for aQ&A session. I got put into the contemporary fiction group, probably because of Life in the Pit. If we stick to the same routine next year I’m sure The Limit will move me over to the fantasy/sci-fi group.

Next we broke for lunch. I was on the food committee and the two other authors who were on the committee with me ended up not being there! I would have been dead if my wonderful daughter hadn’t come and basically prepared and set up the entire lunch while I was doing my group panels. Some wonderful women gave her a hand, but my daughter did a TON of work and the meal turned out fantastic.

The only bad part about lunch was when everyone else had eaten my daughter and I got our food and went outside to eat. We picked a shady spot under a tree and sat down. Five seconds later we both screamed and jumped to our feet. The grass was wet in the shade! We had to walk around for the next hour or so with big wet spots on our butts!

After lunch we broke into even smaller critique groups. I had two lovely ladies in my group and we had a really good discussion. At least I thought we did. I hope they did. :)

We finished the day with a book signing. A separate event was held in the evening. I brought my husband and my twelve-year-old son along so he could get autographs from two of his favorite authors–Brandon Mull and Brandon Sanderson. He did and he was thrilled. The evening was an entertainment event with a comedy group–hilarious–an author panel and a singer. It was all very good.

A silent auction was going on throughout the entire event. My good friend, Tess Hilmo, was superwoman putting it together. I’m sure it generated piles of money. Every penny we earned through this event is going to buy books for underprivileged kids in Utah. These are kids who probably have never owned a book of their own before. It’s a great cause that I’m proud to be a part of.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


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