Shop till you Drop!

I just spent a fun mini vacation in Park City Utah with my mom and five sisters. Yes, you heard that right–I have five sisters. I have two brothers as well, but they were at their homes in Houston at the time and besides, this was a girls’ outing.

See, the boys would not have appreciated what turned out to be our number one favorite activity of the trip–shopping. We did some other fun things as well, but we stumbled across a sale in the outlets at Park City that held our attention for hours! While my sisters were in differents stores, I wandered into Wilson’s Leathers–just to look around. I found a rack of amazingly discounted (I’m talking almost %85 off!) and jackets that were so, so cute! Before long the rest of my female family joined me, and we tried on practically every coat on that rack.

Now, if you’ve read THE LIMIT, you can probably guess what my positions on finances, debt and spending money are. (Rest assured, none of us went into debt during our shopping spree.) I also love to find a great deal. It’s sort of like  a treasure hunt, finding the best quailty items possible at the lowest price. Not much better!

It was so great, in fact, that even though we had bought so many coats and jackets that we could barely fit them into the back of our two vehicles, we found ourselves back in that very same store the next day. Over the nighttime hours we had each come up with a list of loved ones who deserved the gift of a great new coat that we could by at a fraction of the original price!


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