Dixon Middle School

I spent yesterday with three of my local writing buddies at the fabulous Dixon Middle School. I met some great kids and had a lot of fun. I was very impressed with the prep work the kids and teachers did before we came. Authors were introduced at an assembly with a video presentation–the boy who introduced The Limit was awesome!

Here’s my friend and fellow author, Sheila Nielson, answering a question in one of the assemblies. Kristen Chandler and Clint Johnson are in the background.

After the assemblies we ate lunch with some select students. I loved talking with the girls at my table. They were so cute and smart. (No boys sat at my table. If some boys had, I’m sure they would have been cute and smart too!) 

Just look at the table decorations–amazing! Each table represented one of our books. They had to think hard to come up with something for The Limit, but they did a great job. Those are little credit cards and bank statements near the shoe.


The Limit table

Forbidden Sea table

Wolves, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me table

Green Dragon Codex table

After lunch we had book signings and writing workshops. It was a great day. Thanks, Dixon Middle School!


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