Crap Out Crud Okay

I had a heartfelt talk with my editor last week about . . . crap. She kept circling the word in my manuscript, so I asked her if I’m not allowed to use it at all. She said the rule is firm–no crap. 

Now, you have to understand that I’m not the type of person who curses, and I don’t allow my kids to use certain words. My husband is even more strict with his language than I am. But ‘crap’ is not on my ‘banned words’ list. It strikes me as funny that such a non-potty-mouthed person as I think myself to be had to be censored by her editor.

Okay. I’ll comply. From now on you’ll find no more crap in my middle grade novels.

However . . .

my editor said that ‘crud’ is just fine!


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