Post Provo Teen Book Fest

Okay, I’m later than I would have liked in gushing about how fabulous the Teen Book Fest at the Provo Library on November 12 turned out to be. What a fabulous afternoon of author presentations, crafts, and activities. The event started out with a sell-out crowd (the tickets were free, but hey) to hear key-note speaker Ally Condie. As one of the presenting authors, my two daughters and I were treated with reserved front row seats. Ally was great, telling her experience in creating ‘Matched’ and her newly released ‘Crossed’.

The big ballroom in the library was then transformed into Dystopian Boot Camp. There were all sorts of activities from ‘Hunger Games Archery’ to ‘Get Matched with your Perfect Mate’. For ‘The Limit’ they had ‘Pool Noodle Jousting’ (SO COOL and so much fun) (Read the book, you’ll make the connection) and a fantastic debt/credit game that was like The Price is Right with a fun twist–and candy bars for the winners.

Each author gave a presentation and signed books. The final even of the day was a panel featuring all four authors–Elana Johnson and Robinson Wells were there as well as me and Ally.

The Provo Library puts on amazing events every year. If you missed this one, make sure you stop by next year.


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