Writing for Charity 2015

Writing For Charity is a special one day writing event on March 21, 2015 at the Provo Library. We have over 40 Utah authors (Sandra Tayler, Howard Tayler, Sharlee Glenn, Daivd Powers King, Shannon Hale, Chantele Sedgwick, Matthew Kirby, Ann Cannon, Jessica Day George, Ally Condie, Ken Baker, Guy Francis, Courtney Alameda, Marion Jensen, Amy Finnegan, Bree Despain, Frank Cole, Wendy Toliver, Jennifer Adams, Greg Newbold, Kristen Landon, Mette Ivie Harrison, Kristyn Crow, Julie Olson, Sherry Meidell, Shawna Tenney, Natalie Whipple, Ilima Todd, Sara Larson, Dene Low, Lisa Mangum, Kate Coombs, Becky Hall, Alison Randall, Kristen Chandler, Kate Birch, Tess Hilmo, J Scott Savage, Mark Pett, J.R. Johansson, Platte Clark, Emily Wing Smith, Christine Hayes, Elana Johnson, Bobbie Pyron, Jennifer Jenkins, Peggy Eddleman, Dan Wells, Robison Wells, Jessica Day George, Lehua Parker Tayler )who come and donate their time to the cause each year. They do free 1 page critiques and longer critiques that cost a little extra. We have two agents coming to do paid critiques (Ammi-Joan Paquette and Minju Chang of Bookstop Literary).

There will be lots of programming for picture books, MG, and YA no matter if you’re a rank beginner or fairly experienced at the game. Free lunch that will be delicious! Also, a chance to bid on some really special auction items that are only available at this event. AND you get the kind of chance to mingle with authors you know and love from a distance on a more personal level! The registration is $66 for a full day, which is a steal of a deal! And you feel good because almost every penny goes to charity. There’s a book signing afterward from 4:30-5:30 that’s free and open to the public. Come and have a great day! Meet new friends who might be critique partners in the future. Get together with old friends! This is not to be missed!

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Voni Roat (Nov 19, 2015)

I’m just trying to find out more information on perhaps having you talk to my school. Also where can I buy “Life in the Pit”?