Quarantine Specials

Are you tired of hearing about a dangerous virus that is sweeping through the world? Take a break from COVID-19 and read about a fictional virus, Omega Alpha. The Omega Alpha virus is even more deadly and dangerous than COVID-19. But there’s hope! Omega Alpha hasn’t been released on the world yet. 13-year-old Ethan Turner has a chance to stop it from getting out!

During this unsettling time we’re offering the Omega Alpha ebook for free until March 30. The print book is also marked down to $9.99.

Omega Alpha is a timely book that can empower young readers who may be frightened and frustrated that there is nothing they can do about COVID-19. The book offers an exciting escape and features a young teenage boy who is fighting to stop a deadly virus from getting out into the world.

Right now I’m also offering free bookmarks and autograph labels to anyone who buys the print copy of Omega Alpha. Click here to purchase the print book on Amazon, then send me a message containing your address and the name you would like me to make it out to, and I’ll send it to you.


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