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School Visits

Depending on the age of the students and whether I’m presenting at an assembly or in a classroom, I can cover one or a combination of the following topics:

  • Understanding debt and delayed gratification (This goes along with themes in The Limit. It is a very important and FUN presentation, which I tie into writing and achieving goals.)
  • Dystopian Worlds in novels
  • Let the Animals Out! (a fun, interactive writing workshop that helps kids and teens let their imaginations run wild while creating characters)
  • Making your writing stronger through the revision process (better for grades 5 and up)
  • Where do story ideas come from? (a classroom presentation that culminates in creating a story together)
  • The life of a writer – what I really do all day, where I get ideas, how my stories get turned into books
  • Get excited about reading!


“Students were entranced by her presentation and sat quietly throughout.  You have to understand that this is no small feat. The material she presented was not only interesting but also important for them to learn. Students didn’t want her to leave.”

 — Doug Jolley, Sixth Grade Teacher

Make the visit meaningful

A visit from me as an author goes over much better – and is considerably more exciting for the kids – if they are familiar with my books.

If you would like to schedule a visit, please e-mail me and we can discuss dates and my fees. Click here


Virtual Visits

Bring me into your classroom over the Internet! It’s easy, fun and – for a short visit with students who have read at least one of my books – free! This is a great option for groups with limited funds for author visits. Click here to inquire about setting up a virtual visit.

Conferences and Workshops

I can present on one or a combination of the following topics:

  • My journey as an author
  • Publishing with an agent versus without an agent
  • Publishing with a small house versus a large house
  • Revision – making your writing as strong as it can be
  • Outlining for writers who hate to outline
  • Need me to cover a different topic? Just ask!

Comments from conference attendees:

The conference was great and your information was beyond helpful. Thank you.

You were incredible at the conference! I was so excited to meet you and learned quite a lot. Your revision process class blew me away. My pen couldn’t keep up with all the advice you offered. Thank you!

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